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Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.

South Dakota Motorcycle Laws

South Dakota Motorcycle Law

State of South Dakota

South Dakota Legislature

South Dakota Codified Laws



32-20-1      Definition of terms.
32-20-2      Special qualification required to operate motorcycle--Exceptions--Valid license required to operate moped or all-terrain vehicle--Waiver of test--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-3      Required handlebar height--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-4      Protective helmet required for minor--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-4.1      Eye protective device or windscreen required--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-4.2      Protective devices not required of riders in enclosed cab.
32-20-5      Repealed.
32-20-6      Repealed.
32-20-6.1      Operator and passengers restricted to permanent and regular seats--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.2      Position of motorcyclist--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.3      Carrying package on motorcycle--Restrictions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.4      Rider interfering with control or view of operator--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.5      Attachment to other vehicles prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.6      Carrying firearm on motorcycle or off-road vehicle--Exception for holder of concealed pistol permit or disabled hunter permit--Enforcement--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-7      Renting motorcycle to unauthorized person--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-8      Permitting other person to operate rented motorcycle--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-9      Operation of motorcycle in park or recreation areas as petty offense.
32-20-9.1      Motorcycle entitled to full traffic lane--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.2      Motorcycle prohibited from overtaking in same lane--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.3      Motorcycle operation between lanes prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.4      Policemen exempt from restrictions on use of lanes.
32-20-9.5      Restriction to two abreast--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-10      Motorcycle use on special occasions.
32-20-11      Repealed.
32-20-12      Off-road vehicles--Operation on certain lands as misdemeanor--Registration--Title certificate.
32-20-12.1      Ordinances prohibiting operation of off-road vehicles in ditches--Exceptions--Regulatory signs.
32-20-13      All-terrain vehicle licensed as motorcycle--Requirements--Use on interstate highway system prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-14      Motorcycle safety education--Standards and procedures--Funding.
32-20-15      Budget and appropriation of revenue available for motorcycle safety education.
32-20-16      Display of blue light as part of rear brake light authorized.

Title 32
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