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Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.

Monday, February 17, 2014



Printable PDF Link to 2014 BIKE SHOW FLYER >>>

    Aberdeen ABATE Inc. April 5, 2014 Reg Mtg Eagles Bingo Room, 7:15 pm
Present: Loren S, Cindy L, Mike B, Kathy, Mark, Chuck, Shane Blumhardt, Frank, Renee, Dan “Hammer” Washenberger, Todd “Shadow” B, Tuna-Man, Jim Florence (Guest), Shane Brinkman
Sec. Report: Read & accepted
Treasurers Report: Given by Shane, accepted
State News: Mark explained the “New Member Initiative”. An update on the 20 Motorcycle Awareness Signs ordered by our chapter was given. Consensus was to attempt to get these and put them in place by May 1st.
Old Business: Discussed Bike Show at the D.E.C. May 10-11. Reminded everyone to book there rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Hampton Inn early. Ask for Bike Show Block. This is how the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance tracks us and helps determine nxt yrs grant.
New Business: Discussed Wheel Inn Flyers & advertising. Suggestions were to make “Business Card” Flyers ourselves and sell “Blanks” around the edge of the Flyers to help curb operating costs for the Wheel Inn. (Shane & Cindy to chk on cost of large printer & glossy paper & compare prices). Changing print size, font & location of “ One of the oldest ABATE Events in the Nation” on current Wheel Inn 2014 Flyer was discussed and approved.
Adding our events to the Freedom Flyer Events Calendar was mentioned.( Shane will get this info to Susan asap)
Donating $50 to Camp Dreamakers was motioned by Loren, Renee 2nd, passed. Ride will be May 31st with a June 1 rain date.
Shane mentioned Bands (Silence Unknown & Kashmir) are booked and Purple Hat Production will be doing sound & lighting again this yr. at the 34th WHEEL INN. Total cost @ $500 less than last yr. Maw & Paw concessions have confirmed. Kenny’s Air Boat Rides has confirmed.
Shane Blumhardt will chk with Brick’s for porta pots. Glenn Lehr from Britton was suggested for garbage and possible sponsor.
Advanced tickets for the 2014 Wheel Inn are now available. Members who received books to sell are Shane & Chuck Blumhardt, Todd Bistodeau, Loren Stout, Mark Schuett, Dan Washenburger, Mike Swenson, & Shane Brinkman. These will also be available at Swede’s Corner in Langford, Mr. Bill’s in Pierpont, & the Andover Bar & grill.
Shane Brinkman mentioned the new Flyers for the Bike Show will be ready soon and wants everyone to please make sure our regular Sponsors receive a current Flyer.
      Cindy Lunders was nominated to assume the vacated Treasurer’s & Membership sec. positions. Motion by Mark to accept, Dan 2nd. Unanimously passed. Shane mentioned Larry has stated he will continue as Bike Show Coordinator and have access to accounts for such until all accounting for this yrs Show is complete. Cindy stated she will willingly accept but doesn’t have any interest in Coordinating nxt yrs Bike Show due to tax season.
Cackle Brothers Run July 3rd at Melgard Park was added to the Events list to get in Freedom Flyer.
Split Pot for IMPAC: Cindy Lunders won & wants $19 to go to IMPAC & her $19 to go in the Wheel Inn fund.
Current balance Wheel Inn = $46
IMPAC = $69
Motion to Adjourn: by Mark, Cindy 2nd. 8:24 pm
Prez notes: I want to remind everyone to please book your rooms early for the Bike Show and enter your Bikes asap so we can get an idea how much room we have to play with, and this makes setup so much easier on Friday before the Show. Also, contact Larry at 605-290-0763 and put your name on the schedule for gate duty as soon as you read this and maybe you’ll get the time slot you want… we need live warm bodies to make any Event work. Feel free to be at the D.E.C. Friday for layout too!   
                                PS: Please remember & support all our Sponsors when your out Riding!
Thanks for your help in advance. And yes keep it outta the Cornfields / Soybean fields etc plp.
Nxt Reg Mtg: Eagles Rm A 7 pm May 3rd
               Please check your Freedom Flyer address label or your ABATE cards for your renewal dates
Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
and visit our Aberdeen ABATE Inc. web-pages to learn more about us at >>>

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beginner Rider Course contact info & older WHEEL INN News / Reference only

>>>>2014 WHEEL INN info is on the WHEEL INN page<<<<
Reference only below for Rider Course contact and last yrs info:
2013 Pierpont
$40 at GATE for Entire Weekend
$35 Advanced for Entire weekend
$30 Saturday only Ticket ( No other Discounts apply)
ABATE Members receive $10 off Weekend Pass regardless of Chapter or State

JADE MONKEY at the Knuckle in STURGIS

 Cale and RELEVANT warming up for Aberdeen ABATE's 33rd Annual Pierpont WHEEL INN ........

PURPLE HAT Production Co.

NOTE: Even though there is talk of moving the date for 2014; the 3rd weekend in July is the date to remember again for this year !

Beginner Riding courses in Aberdeen S.D.for 2013

Click on "Class ID" for more information or contact Bruce Henderson at 605-216-5461 or e-mail pstroker2@yahoo.com
Course NameTime(s)StatusClass IDCityInstructors Dates
BRCWKENDFullBRC-1360AB - Northern Electric Bruce Henderson; Bob Overbay 5/3, 5/4, 5/5 (2013)
BRCWKENDOpen - 12 SeatsBRC-1362AB - Northern Electric Bruce Henderson; Bob Overbay 5/17, 5/18, 5/19 (2013)
BRCWKENDOpen - 10 SeatsBRC-1363AB - Northern Electric Bruce Henderson; Bob Overbay 5/31, 6/1, 6/2 (2013)
BRCWKENDOpen - 12 SeatsBRC-1364AB - Northern Electric Bruce Henderson; Bob Overbay 6/28, 6/29, 6/30 (2013)
BRCWKENDOpen - 12 SeatsBRC-1365AB - Northern Electric Bruce Henderson; Bob Overbay 7/26, 7/27, 7/28 (2013)

S.D. Office of Hwy Safety is offering $50 Vouchers to the 1st 2000 plp that sign up online for a Rider Safety Course. Beggining or Advanced is our understanding!
I viewed the Site and followed the links and everything looks as it should and took me directly to our Course info here in Aberdeen. May class is full but there are at least 10 open seats in all other classes for the summer. GOTO >>> http://southdakotaride.com/ridereducationclasses/See More

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Upcoming Events & News

33rd Annual Pierpont WHEEL INN  July 19-21st, 2013...  Fri night JADE MONKEY
                       HERE THEY ARE AT THE KNUCKLE in Sturgis >>


April 29 2013>>> Dewey's daughter Mariah whom was the recipient of our 2012 Silent auction has been named to the Deans list at U.S.D. in Brookings. Dewey asked anything plp wanted to do for him we instead do to help Mariah. I believe he'd be proud of her and everyone who has helped. She will be in Aberdeen this week and has an Internship for the summer. AWESOME work Mariah !

Thursday, January 31, 2013



1,075 people went through the gate this weekend.4-19-20, 2013.... $3,400 was raised for Ed Bierman. Terrell Mullner won the Crusader Bike Raffle. Relevant ROCKED the House and we had Gorgeous bikes from all over this United States! Thank You to all our Sponsors, Vendors, & EVERYONE who helped or just attended! We couldn't do it without all of you.....

>>>>>>2013 BIKE SHOW FLYERS click here!!  <<<<<<

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aberdeen ABATE's End of Summer Poker Run and Dance


X-Mas Party and Dance UPDATE: 21 plp showed up for the Mtg and food not including a few friends and band members who snacked later. We signed up 1 renewal and 2 new Members so
I'd have to call it a success although we had better attendance last yr. ... 

 Something I was reminded of is many Insurance companies offer a Discount to SMRO Members. Diaryland gave a $50 discount to 1 of our members last week so that's just one more reason to join the Cause. Why would anyone not give $25 to receive $50 ? Plus our members receive discounts to Events and a Freedom Flyer every month keeping you informed. So again; Why doesn't everyone that rides a motorcycle not join ABATE ?

Aberdeen ABATE's End of Summer Poker Run and Dance with KASHMIR
This "GYPSY DAY "Saturday Oct 6 2012

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HELMET LAWS by type and State

For HANDLEBAR HEIGHT LAWS BY STATE  via A.M.A. click here >>> http://www.cmsnl.com/community/misc/law.php?subject=Handlebar+Height
or search  South Dakota codified Law >>> SDCL#32-20-3

 Next Mtg is, SATURDAY JUNE 2nd after the Camp Dreamakers Poker Run or 7:00 PM EAGLES