About us :

Your Local Chapter Editor's explanation:
Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.


 Annual dues are $25.00. Contact e-mail on "Contacts" page or click on link at bottom of page. "NOTE" Aberdeen's address change.

This fee includes a monthly Flyer via USPS as well as many newsletters preferably via e-mail. You will be informed of meetings and be able to cast your vote on local issues. 
 An ABATE ID card with a Road Hazards ph # will be sent to you within 60 days as the BOD meets bi-monthly.

You will also receive discounts at our events for being a "participating member" of such events and most Insurance companies such as Dairyland offer discounts for becoming a member of an SMRO. And if that isn't enough reason you to join the cause you'll receive an application for a FREE $3000 life Ins policy.

NOTE: Below is a hyperlink to the State Application form. The state website has listed many address' for whatever reason for Aberdeen. Either of the ( 2 ) address' in RED listed here are correct and will work as of Jan 1 2012.
 Aberdeen ABATE 511 N Main st. Ipswich S.D. 57451 ( Treasurer and joint Membership Officer )

Click here for form >>> http://www.abatesd.com/Join.aspx