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Your Local Chapter Editor's explanation:
Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Contact e-mail or ph #'s below for Pierpont advanced tickets or Vendor info:
Call 605-228-6283 or 605-225-5474

Also, invite your riding buddies to the mtg that are having cabin fever and want to learn about ABATE. Our local membership has now almost TRIPLED in the last 13 months. Keep up the good work !

 As per numerous requests , here it is  >>>>>

                                                A BIKERS FAIRY-TALE

Once upon a time a really cool biker had a couple too many beers and asked a beautiful woman to marry him.
She immediately said NO WAY !
And the Biker lived happily ever after.
He rode to Rallies every summer , went fishing, drank whiskey and beer whenever he wanted. Cruised the Rockies and both coasts, dated women half his age, left the toilet seat up, and died with money in the bank.
                                                             THE END

Want another one?   
    Where does "Virgin Wool" come from ??

Answer: UGLY SHEEP !

Ride safe all !

Legislative Days

 Legislative Days 2013 will be Jan 17-19
 Any Aberdeen Members planning to attend please contact Shane or Larry for information and your $50 to help with expenses.
 Super 8 has a block of rooms under ABATE for $55 per night. SEE YOU THERE !

Legislative Days 2012 will begin Jan 19th this upcoming year. Any Aberdeen Members  wishing to attend please come to a regular monthly meeting  as we have pledged some money to defer gas expenses.
 This year it's very likely we will be introducing legislation concerning  windshield height and tint and possibly revisit license plate mounting. And there is almost sure to be a great speaker as well as a meal and a Dance Friday night.
2011 notes >>>  3 of your local members attended Legislative Days in Pierre S.D. Thurs Jan 20 - Sat Jan 22 2011, Myself included. It was very informative and Educational on the Local, State, and National level. And I/we would recommend anyone involved with ABATE to try to attend in the future.
 As of the time we left there was NO Helmet legislation for S.D. there were 4 or 5 other bills we were updated on by our Lobbyist and we will be watching them closely. You may view these on the State Website. A link is in the left margin.

    The main subject of discussion was the proposed Texting while Driving law. While most MOTORCYCLISTS don't do this we are the ones most likely to lose body parts when other drivers are not paying attention to the road WE ALL SHARE.

 Another hot topic involved the  24/7 DUI program. It seems some people want to put devices on Motorcycles that may prevent you from starting them, or worse, SHUT DOWN your ignition system if you don't blow into a breath analyzer on a regular basis ! This is a SAFETY issue especially while riding. Not to mention how large this would be or where it would be located in case of an accident.

     We also attended an Accident Scene Management Seminar with Slider Gilmore who just                  happens to be in the "Motorcycle Hall of Fame". 

    Sat in on a House of Representatives session as well as the tail end of a Senate session.

    Had our picture taken on the steps of the Rotundra inside the Capital building.

    Attended a get-together at the American Legion Friday evening and met with some great people     from around the state.

    And also attended the State Board of Directors Meeting Saturday.

    All in all it was a great time and hopefully we made an impact .