About us :

Your Local Chapter Editor's explanation:
Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.


We apologize for falling behind on posting Abbreviated minutes/F.F. Articles here and I/we will catch up eventually.

NEWS update Nov 1st 2014

22 plp at the Nov 1st mtg! Thanks everyone. And 2 new members! Great # for a Regular mtg.
  We drew the 10 names for the Rider course and as the saying goes.... "The checks are in the mail" along with an ABATE Tri-fold and some info about our organization of course.
Nxt mtg & CHRISTMAS PARTY, Dec 13th EAGLES Club Rm A 6:30 pm<<< Note this is 1/2 hr early and on the 2nd Saturday.
 Mtg, gift exchange, food then ECLIPSE will play at 9pm 

ALSO, we will be having 1 more gun raffle for 2014 so hit up a member and buy some tickets... $10 each and only 220 printed... This time it's a Smith and Wesson .45 M&P and as always if you don't want the gun you may trade for another (in stock) item or take $450 cash. 

Jack Torrence of Westport was the winner of the Aberdeen ABATE Glock .45
Here he is on the left receiving it from Cory Appl of Ken's sporting goods.
We will be having 1 more Raffle for 2014 starting soon.
Next prize will be a Smith and Wesson M&P .45 or $450 cash.
you may trade for a different (in stock) style or cal

Jack Torrence of Westport was the winner of the Aberdeen ABATE Glock .45
Here he is on the left receiving it from Cory Appl of Ken's sporting goods.
We will be having 1 more Raffle for 2014 starting soon.
Next prize will be a Smith and Wesson M&P .45 or $450 cash.
you may trade for a different (in stock) style or cal

    Aberdeen ABATE Inc. April 5, 2014 Reg Mtg Eagles Bingo Room, 7:15 pm

Present: Loren S, Cindy L, Mike B, Kathy, Mark, Chuck, Shane Blumhardt, Frank, Renee, Dan “Hammer” Washenberger, Todd “Shadow” B, Tuna-Man, Jim Florence (Guest), Shane Brinkman
Sec. Report: Read & accepted
Treasurers Report: Given by Shane, accepted
State News: Mark explained the “New Member Initiative”. An update on the 20 Motorcycle Awareness Signs ordered by our chapter was given. Consensus was to attempt to get these and put them in place by May 1st.
Old Business: Discussed Bike Show at the D.E.C. May 10-11. Reminded everyone to book there rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Hampton Inn early. Ask for Bike Show Block. This is how the Aberdeen Hotel Alliance tracks us and helps determine nxt yrs grant.
New Business: Discussed Wheel Inn Flyers & advertising. Suggestions were to make “Business Card” Flyers ourselves and sell “Blanks” around the edge of the Flyers to help curb operating costs for the Wheel Inn. (Shane & Cindy to chk on cost of large printer & glossy paper & compare prices). Changing print size, font & location of “ One of the oldest ABATE Events in the Nation” on current Wheel Inn 2014 Flyer was discussed and approved.
Adding our events to the Freedom Flyer Events Calendar was mentioned.( Shane will get this info to Susan asap)
Donating $50 to Camp Dreamakers was motioned by Loren, Renee 2nd, passed. Ride will be May 31st with a June 1 rain date.
Shane mentioned Bands (Silence Unknown & Kashmir) are booked and Purple Hat Production will be doing sound & lighting again this yr. at the 34th WHEEL INN. Total cost @ $500 less than last yr. Maw & Paw concessions have confirmed. Kenny’s Air Boat Rides has confirmed.
Shane Blumhardt will chk with Brick’s for porta pots. Glenn Lehr from Britton was suggested for garbage and possible sponsor.
Advanced tickets for the 2014 Wheel Inn are now available. Members who received books to sell are Shane & Chuck Blumhardt, Todd Bistodeau, Loren Stout, Mark Schuett, Dan Washenburger, Mike Swenson, & Shane Brinkman. These will also be available at Swede’s Corner in Langford, Mr. Bill’s in Pierpont, & the Andover Bar & grill.
Shane Brinkman mentioned the new Flyers for the Bike Show will be ready soon and wants everyone to please make sure our regular Sponsors receive a current Flyer.
      Cindy Lunders was nominated to assume the vacated Treasurer’s & Membership sec. positions. Motion by Mark to accept, Dan 2nd. Unanimously passed. Shane mentioned Larry has stated he will continue as Bike Show Coordinator and have access to accounts for such until all accounting for this yrs Show is complete. Cindy stated she will willingly accept but doesn’t have any interest in Coordinating nxt yrs Bike Show due to tax season.
Cackle Brothers Run July 3rd at Melgard Park was added to the Events list to get in Freedom Flyer.
Split Pot for IMPAC: Cindy Lunders won & wants $19 to go to IMPAC & her $19 to go in the Wheel Inn fund.
Current balance Wheel Inn = $46
IMPAC = $69
Motion to Adjourn: by Mark, Cindy 2nd. 8:24 pm
Prez notes: I want to remind everyone to please book your rooms early for the Bike Show and enter your Bikes asap so we can get an idea how much room we have to play with, and this makes setup so much easier on Friday before the Show. Also, contact Larry at 605-290-0763 and put your name on the schedule for gate duty as soon as you read this and maybe you’ll get the time slot you want… we need live warm bodies to make any Event work. Feel free to be at the D.E.C. Friday for layout too!   
                                PS: Please remember & support all our Sponsors when your out Riding!
Thanks for your help in advance. And yes keep it outta the Cornfields / Soybean fields etc plp.
Nxt Reg Mtg: Eagles Rm A 7 pm May 3rd
               Please check your Freedom Flyer address label or your ABATE cards for your renewal dates
Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
and visit our Aberdeen ABATE Inc. web-pages to learn more about us at >>>

Call to Order: 7:00 pm by President                                                                                                                                                                                                             Present Members: Shane Brinkman, Mike B., Tyler B., (Guest) Fay, Jeremy K., Stitch, Kari B., Larry Nielson, Jeni., Cindy & Kieth L., Larry & Bonnie Nesby, Red, Dick L., Renee R., Jim W., Tuna, Chuck B., “Duct Tape” Tom M., Randy F., Bill W., Todd B., Loren S. & the “Bandana Girl” Kathy                                                                                                                                                                     
Secretary's Report & Treasurer's Report were skipped as this was a very informal Mtg do to the short timeframe we had to work with before the Gift exchange, Food, & the Band was starting an hr earlier than planned for.

STATE NEWS: Sioux River sent us a Xmas card & S.D. Special Olympics sent us a Thank You card.   
   All new chapter Reps are to contact Bobbie F with their contact information.  
  S.D. ABATE currently has 1413 members.   
 There will be a policy discussion & vote on Vert Plates and Handlebars in Jan.     
Dates for the Good Times 2014 Calander should be sent to Susan asap.   HR 1861 “Motorcycle only checkpoint bill”  still does not have Kristi Noems support!!     
 Kristi refused to sign on as co-sponsor for HR 875 “ E-15” bill…..  ( Our Chapter at this point is staying Neutral on this issue).     
Our Lobbyist Dianna is meeting with the IMPAC committee on some bills and/or repeals & these will also be discussed in Jan during Legislative days Jan. 16-18.     No grant $ has been allotted yet.     BEST of the WEST will be in Dillion Colo. June 7-8th 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  Old Business -       None discussed                                                                                                                                                     
 New Business: 2014 Aberdeen Officers will be same as 2013 with the exception of Red S. as Sec. and Mark S. as Chapter Rep.       
   Bike Show Committee Appointments are  Shane Brinkman, Larry Nesby, Stitch, Jeremy, Loren, & Todd B. so far.   Games for kids at the Show was discussed. Jim Walker and the Aberdeen APD are to contacted for Bicycle Safety program & Face painting etc.

PLEASE BOOK ROOMS now for the 2014 Bike Show at the D.E.C.      You can always cancel & your card will not be charged until you check in. This is how the Hotel Alliance tracks us and determines our Grant $ 
Present members voted on offering $50 to any Aberdeen Chapter member who attends Legislative Days Jan 16-18. All in favor except (1) . Passed. Shane reminded everyone you don’t have to accept the $ but if you do nobody but the Treasurer and you need to know. The point is to have live bodies in Pierre from Aberdeen and learn what goes on there if you’ve never attended.                         
IMPAC: No drawing was held due to time constraints and the fact Shane forgot the tickets.
Adjournment: 7:24 because the food smelled too good… Merry Christmas Everyone!                                                                                                                                       
                                                   NEXT MTG : 7pm at the Eagles Club Sat Jan 4th..


 Nov 9 Ab ABATE Mtg Eagles Rm A 7:00 pm
Present members: Mike B, Jim W, Shane Brinkman, Larry N, Dick L, Todd B, Red S, Loren S, Bandana Girl Kathy, Frank B, Renee R, Tuna-Man & Koko A, & Bill Weismantel
Sec Report: Read and approved Oct. minutes
Treas. Report: Read by Larry and Approved
State News:  Jim reminded everyone of Legislative Days Jan 16-18
Old Business: The 2 Motorcycle Rider Course $75 vouchers we previously approved were drawn from a list of 54 graduates. Mike Bender drew the winners and they were, #9 Michelle Jung from Leola & #21 Logan Brown from Mellette. By printing should have a check in their mailbox. 
New Business:  Bike Show: The D.E.C. has been reserved and you may call or go online to reserve your rooms now.
Vendors have already started being contacted and many will be returning, plus hopefully even more because of the May date.
Pierpont Wheel Inn was discussed briefly. Ideas presented were to accept possible sponsorship $ with 50% earmarked for Improvements and 50% to the chapter general fund. Checking on possible BDM water or having an operable well for showers, pools, games etc.
Possibly raising Gate prices by $5 yet leaving advanced prices as is to promote Advance sales was discussed.
At this point there will NOT be any Camper, Bus, or RV fees. Electrical if available after Vendor usage will be charged approximately $15 per day.
Shane has contacted both S.D. & N.D. Mud Draggers associations and is working on details/plans to present at a later date. Air Boat rides as of now are planned for. Other possible activities are Mud Volleyball and 5 man Tug of War. Some Vendors have already contacted us. These ideas were all just in discussion. Any Motions or voting was tabled until more information is available.
The S.S. Ruger 270 Rifle provided by Ricochet Firearms was drawn for by Koko. Tyler Brinkman was the winner. (Provided his Father purchases a scope soon he plans on shooting his 2nd deer with it soon.)
Officer nominations were held. All current Officers were Nominated . New nominations were State Rep., Mark Schutte And Sec. Red Sayer
SPLIT POT for IMPAC:  $22 was won by Sgt at Arms Todd Bistadeau. He donated his winnings back to our chapter general fund with the other $22 going towards our running pledged total of $445 to IMPAC
XMAS Party: Everyone’s again welcome to attend our party which will be held immediately after a short Regular Dec. mtg the 1st Sat of the month Dec. 7th. (This may change due to interacting events/room availability) chk your e-mails, Facebook, or our webpage for updates.
Gag gifts, (White Elephant) gifts will again be exchanged. Aberdeen ABATE will provide some extras (Shirts, Bandanas etc..)
D’s Catering will again be asked to provide food and desert. Some Pizza will be on hand again also… There is no charge and anyone interested in possibly learning about or joining ABATE is welcome to attend.
Adjourn: 7:55
(Prez notes)  Ab. ABATE and the Aberdeen chapter of the FM Crusaders MC have met concerning the Bike Show. By Legislative Days Jan 16-18 the 1st Flyers should be available with the Band and Silent Auction information as well as some Vendor info.
I’d like to welcome or new member in attendance Bill Weismantel. I’d also like to once again thank our Volunteers that helped at the S.D. Special Olympics Awards banquet and Dance at the Ramada. And everyone that helped open any of the NSU Football games this yr.
NEXT MTG Dec 7th ( 1st Sat of the Month) Eagles Club Room A …. If this changes we will post online and e-mail our members at least 7 days prior.
Please check your cards or address labels .
                      AND AS ALWAYS PLEASE SEND US an E-MAIL so we can eliminate postage costs.
=============================================================== Following is an article printed in an L.A. newspaper recently and following that more reasons anyone who rides should become a member and some info to help you do just that. 
Older FF Articles & abbreviated Mtg minutes may be viewed by scrolling down.
Article from the L.A. Times about Motorcycle Only Checkpoints and the fact Congress is taking notice how our $ is "Unwisely" being spent. >> 
Motorcycle-only safety checkpoints have revved up controversy among some lawmakers who say the inspections are another example of intrusive federal policies.

A measure inserted into the House transportation bill would bar the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing grants to local or state governments for such inspections.

The action grows out of a furor over checkpoints set up in Georgia last year and planned again this year under a $70,000 federal traffic safety grant.

The roadside checkpoints operate similar to the popular drunk-driving checkpoints. Law enforcement officials signal motorcyclists to pull over and then conduct on-the-spot safety inspections, checking on the condition of the bikes and whether drivers are properly licensed and complying with the state helmet law.

Similar checkpoints have been set up in New York.

But Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), among a bipartisan group of lawmakers who pushed for the provision in the bill, assailed motorcycle-only checkpoints as "an intrusive governmental overreach."

"Motorcycle riders are right to be outraged at being singled out for safety inspections," Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) added in a statement.

Jackie Gillan, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, criticized the provision. The group describes itself on its website as a coalition of "consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer."

"What you see are the fingerprints of the anti-helmet people,'' Gillan said in an interview. "We're fighting efforts in state legislatures to repeal rider helmet laws. Now, what they're doing is attacking, in those states that require helmets, the ability of law enforcement to enforce the law.''

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spokesman said that the agency's administrator David Strickland is concerned about the increasing proportion of fatalities among motorcyclists.

"If the argument is, well, you can't single us out by vehicle, we do,'' said Lt. Jim Halvorsen of the New York State Police. "When we do seat-belt checkpoints, we waive the motorcyclists through because they don't have seat belts. Both helmets and seatbelts are required safety devices."

Of approximately 27,000 motorcyclists that passed through their checkpoints last year, about 2,500 were stopped for closer inspection, Halvorsen said. Of those, 380 were ticketed for an illegal helmet. Six motorcyclists were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Forty-nine motorcyclists were ticketed for operating a motorcycle without the proper license class. A total of 1,665 tickets were issued.

In 2009, 4,462 motorcyclists were killed, a decrease of 16% from the previous year, according to the most recent figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Twenty-two percent of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2009 were riding without a valid motorcycle license at the time of the collision, compared with 12% of drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal crashes who lacked a valid license, according to the agency.

The American Motorcyclist Assn. believes that "strategies to promote motorcycle safety must be rooted in motorcycle crash prevention, and don't include arbitrarily pulling over riders and randomly subjecting them to roadside inspections," according to its vice president of government relations, former Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard.

Strickland, in a 2010 letter to the American Motorcyclist Assn., noted that of 225 motorcyclists inspected at one New York checkpoint, 11% were found to have unsafe tires, and 36%were not wearing helmets meeting state law.

A letter sent to the House Transportation Committee by the bipartisan group of lawmakers in support of the provision said that funds would be better spent on educational programs aimed at reducing motorcycle crashes



 Annual dues are $25.00. Contact e-mail on "Contacts" page or click on link at bottom of page. "NOTE" Aberdeen's address change.

This fee includes a monthly Flyer via USPS as well as many newsletters preferably via e-mail. You will be informed of meetings and be able to cast your vote on local issues. 
 An ABATE ID card with a Road Hazards ph # will be sent to you within 60 days as the BOD meets bi-monthly.

You will also receive discounts at our events for being a "participating member" of such events and most Insurance companies such as Dairyland offer discounts for becoming a member of an SMRO. And if that isn't enough reason you to join the cause you'll receive an application for a FREE $3000 life Ins policy.

NOTE: Below is a hyperlink to the State Application form. The state website has listed many address' for whatever reason for Aberdeen. Either of the ( 2 ) address' in RED listed here are correct and will work as of Jan 1 2012.
 Aberdeen ABATE , 124 S. 4th St. Aberdeen S.D. 57401 ( VP and joint Membership Officer )
 or 1701 Prospect Ave. Aberdeen S.D. 57401 ( Treasurer and joint Membership Officer )

Click here for form >>> http://www.abatesd.com/Join.aspx


Aberdeen ABATE Inc. Mtg April 6, 2013
Eagles Rm A 7pm
Present: Shane Brinkman, Jeremy K, Todd B, Shane Blumhardt, Larry Nesby, Mike B, Stitch, Red, Loren, Kathy, Dan “Hammer“ W, Mark S, Bonnie N, Jim W, Frank B, Bones, Tuna, Chuck B, Larry “Deadwood” Nielson, Renee R.
Sec Report: Minutes read and accepted
Treas Report: Read by Larry and accepted
State News: Jim reported the next B.O.D. mtg will be 2:00 May 18th after the State Awareness ride. Any Aberdeen members planning to participate are to meet either at 8am at M&H in Aberdeen or 10:45 in Highmore S.D.
Our Aberdeen Awareness Ride has been moved to May 25th. Signup is still 11am at the Eagles but our end point will be Rohly’s Bar this yr.
Old Business: (Bike Show Organizers Report) Larry went over room rental rates & contact info for the Bike Show from Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn .
Announced Grant Co. Choppers from Herman Minn. has confirmed attending and bringing a DYNO weather permitting. Rates will be $40 for a pull and chart. $250 for Tuning Carbureted bikes and $350 for EFI. These are H-D rates only.
We have a sign-up list for Gate duty and the ABATE table. Contact Larry at 605-290-0763
ABATE table will have Membership forms and information as well as products ( T-Shirts and Patches), and Raffles.
Raggedy Ann & Ann Biker Doll Raffle will be drawn at 3:45pm Sunday
New Business: (BIKE SHOW)
We have a sign-up list for Gate duty and the ABATE table. Contact Larry at 605-290-0763
ABATE table will have Membership forms and information as well as products ( T-Shirts and Patches), and Raffles.
Raggedy Ann & Ann Biker Doll Raffle will be drawn at 3:45pm Sunday.
We are still looking for Judges for the Tattoo Contest. Contact Jeremy at 605-216-7027
Shane announced the passing of Lilly Deters’ husband Tony and informed our membership Flowers have been sent.
Shane asked for Volunteers to be part of the Wheel Inn Organizing Committee. Officers plus up to 6 other members was the suggested # to help plan for 2013. Jeremy K, Mark S, Red S, Shane Blumhardt volunteered so far. 1st mtg to take place at 1701 Prospect ave. Fri April 12th. Band contracts, Ins, Ticket pricing etc. to be on agenda.
E-mail us at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com or call Shane at 605-228-6283 or Larry 605-290-0763 if you would like  FLYERS, Sponsor info, or registration forms for this yrs Pierpont Wheel Inn
Split Pot for IMPAC: Stitch won the Split-Pot for IMPAC with $25 going to our new running total of $101.
He donated his winnings of $24 back to Aberdeen ABATE general fund.
Bones won the Pizza.
Adjourn: 7:55 motioned by Red & 2nd by Bones
NEXT MTG: May 4th  ( 1st Sat of the Month) Eagles Club Room A
       By printing time the Bike Show will be behind us and if the Vendor participation and # of rooms booked is any indication I believe we’ll have a great show. Please remember our Aberdeen AWARNESS RIDE  has been moved to May 25th. And next up is the WHEEL INN July 19-21. We’ve made many improvements at the Lake so please attend and check us out!

Aberdeen ABATE Inc. March 2-2013 Mtg
Eagles Club Rm A

Present: Shane B, Larry Nesby, Bonnie N, Jeremy, Don H, Ann H, Renee,  Red, Mark S., Tuna, Chuck B., Laura, Darcy (Guest), Kathy, Loren, Stitch, Maren M.

Sec Report: Minutes read. Motion to accept by Red and 2nd by Stitch. Accepted

Treas Report: Read by Larry. Motion to accept by Jeremy and 2nd by Loren . Accepted

State News:  Shane relayed information from Jim W. concerning tax issues some other organizations similar to ours have been having.

Old Business: (E.I.N). : The IRS in Ogden Utah has approved our request to be issued a new #. Shane was given the new # via phone conference with Tiffany Kennedy and has since received and completed the necessary paperwork with Larry’s help. Hopefully this will ease the confusion between Aberdeen ABATE and ABATE of S.D.

New Business: (BIKE SHOW) Please book your rooms asap at either the Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn by calling 605-262-2600. We do have discount rates for the Bike Show. We are currently at about a break even point if we include all Vendor and Bike entries. We have 5 or 6 Vendor spots left as of March 14 and about 30 bike spots to fill. In order to stay on plan we hope to receive about another $2,300 in Sponsor monies before April 19.
 A few of the confirmed Vendors include : Stutsmans H-D, Ivory Leathers, Carl’s Cycles, Blackout Motors, Body Illusions, Silver Dollar Bar, N-V, Dan’s Leather Works and many more.
 Top Sponsors Include : Andover Bar & Grill, Silver Dollar Bar, Reuer’s Auto, and Rholy’s Bar.
 We also have about 50 other local business’ and private individual’s who have contributed towards Trophies, Silent Auction, and other related expenses. We thank all of them because this wouldn’t be possible without them !

 (Pierpont Wheel Inn) Shane mentioned we need to decide by April Mtg who the Bands will be and made some suggestions and relayed quotes. Purple Hat Productions has confirmed to do Sound & Lights for same $ as last yr. Vendors have been confirming early this yr also.
 Shane also recommended reviewing the $20 Camper fee that was assessed last yr.
Possibilities were ; Keeping it in place, reducing to $10, or waiving entirely and increasing gate by $5.00. Reasoning is cost Increases in Beer, Insurance, Garbage, Spraying etc. and the Camper fee was met with some resistance and possibly a few boycott’s last yr.
 Tabled until April mtg but a decision should be made at that point so Flyers and tickets can be printed before Bike Show.
 Moving the date of the Wheel Inn was also discussed. Tabled

(T-Shirts) Order has been placed. Shirts without pockets are $12 any size. With pocket $15 any size. Long sleeved shirts are $20 and do not come with a pocket. Leftover sizes will be available at the Show.
Please e-mail us at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com or call Shane at 605-228-6283 or Larry 605-290-0763 if you would like a packet with FLYERS, Sponsor info, Bldg layouts, and registration forms

Split Pot for IMPAC: Shane won the split pot of $22 and donated $10 of his winnings back for a total of $32 to IMPAC.
 Running total this yr. is $55.
  Marin M. won the Pizza

Adjourn: 7:53
NEXT MTG:   APRIL 6th  ( 1st Sat of the Month) Eagles Club Room A
We have  members with renewals due currently so please check your cards or address labels .

Jan 2013 Ab ABATE mtg 
Eagles Rm A 7pm
Present: Shane B, Larry Nesby, Stitch, Bonnie N, Jeremy, Chuck, Don H, Ann H, Renee, Frank, Red, Todd B
Sec Report: Minutes read and accepted
Treas Report: Read by Larry and accepted
State News: Jim was absent but Shane reminded everyone of Legislative Days.
Motorcycle Only Checkpoints were discussed to some length and all were on the same page in that we want to keep on top of this issue and do everything in our power to stop these from happening in S.D.
Old Business: E.I.N. status was discussed and Shane will attempt to get an update from the IRS prior to Legislative Days Jan 17-19
New Business: (BIKE SHOW) Larry reported the 52/52 Dyno guy we hoped to have at our April Bike Show cannot attend as S&S has him booked the weekend prior and the weekend after in Florida.
    Shane passed some possible Bike Show T-Shirt designs around and 2 favorites were chosen. Shane will present to the Bike Show Committee Wed. and orders will be taken asap after the design is finalized.
    Vendor and Bike Registration forms for 2013 are completed and all we’re awaiting are copies of the D.E.C. floor plan and Bike Show layouts. Vendor Packets should begin to be mailed to prospective Vendors by the middle of Jan.
Estimates are at least 75 Bike spots and 34 10x10 Vendor spots. These are minimum estimates as we have doubled the actual sq. footage we had last yr.
Split Pot for IMPAC: Shane won the split pot of $21 and donated his half back to the Aberdeen general fund.
We also drew for a large Pizza Hut Pizza and Renee won the Pizza. We will draw for Pizza after each IMPAC drawing for the next 7 months.
IMPAC pledged total to be donated during Legislative Days is now $281
Adjourn: 7:42
(Prez notes)     By printing time Legislative Days will be over and I want to thank everyone who took time out of their schedules and attended. As of Monday Jan 14th I’ve been informed Aberdeen will have at least 10 members traveling to Pierre this yr. That’s a great showing compared to the 2 or 3 in yrs past. Thanks to all of you for getting involved and showing your support!
    In addition to the pledged IMPAC total of $281 Aberdeen also donated $300 to our State Legislative Officer & Aberdeen Member Larry Neilson to defer expenses in attending “Best of the West” in Las Vegas this yr.
We also contributed $192 from our May Awareness Ride & Dance for a grand total of $773 to IMPAC and related causes in 2012.
Plus we held a Gun Raffle which netted $1,200 to fund my trip to “Bikers inside the Beltway” in Washington D.C. so all told our Chapter contributed $1,973 in addition to dues in 2012 to help keep our Voices heard. GREAT JOB and thanks for the opportunity to ride to D.C. I hope to do it again if my job and finances allow it.
    On a more somber note we had a Friend and current Member Mike Maunu pass away in December. He’ll be missed and I hope to ride with him again someday. ( I’ll take my time down here first though Mikey)
NEXT MTG: Feb 2nd ( 1st Sat of the Month) Eagles Club Room A
Aberdeen ABATE Mtg Nov 2, 2012
Eagles Rm A

Call to Order: 7:10 pm by President

Present Members: Shane B., Larry N., Craig K, Stitch, Red, Renee, Chuck B, Heather K., Frank B, Bonnie N., Don H., Ann H., Mark S., and Jeremy K.

Secretary's Report: Shane read Aberdeen’s October FF Article ( Craig was Late). Mark motion to accept and Ann 2nd.
Treasurer's Report: Larry read September Treasurer's report. Red motion to accept and Stitch 2nd.

State News: Shane reminded everyone of Legislative Days Jan 17-19 as Jim W. was absent.
 Also informed members that the IRS has still not responded with a decision or recommendation on the E.I.N. issue.
 Shane also mentioned Aberdeen ABATE Inc. currently has 72 members with 8 up for renewal. Statewide ABATE now has 1,545 members, up approximately 200 from this time last yr.

Old Business - Special Olympics Dance tomorrow Nov 3rd .  Anyone that can attend and chaperone is appreciated.  Final arrangements for the Christmas Party were discussed. D’s Catering (An Abate supporter), will cater 2 pc. chicken dinners with sides and desert.  We will also have Pizza Hut pizzas.  If you have not RSVP’d you may email aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com or join our X-Mas party on Facebook.
 Larry has tickets for the Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll Raffle. They were dispersed among the members.  If any member would like a book or two to sell contact Larry at 290-0763 .

New Business:  There is a NSU football game tomorrow.  Anyone that wants to carry Flags for opening ceremonies and lead the team onto the field, get with Shane after the mtg. 
 Jeremy made a motion that all members planning to attend Legislative Days Jan. 17-19, 2013 in Pierre should be given $50 to defer expenses.  Red 2nd .  Motion passed.
 Shane will look into setting up a Pay-pal account for Aberdeen ABATE Inc. for the Raggedy Anne and Andy Raffle.       A Bike Show committee was selected to coordinate the event with the FM Crusaders which will be held at the Dakota Event Center the 3rd wknd in April 2013.  Frank S, Larry N. and Shane B. will meet with the FM Crusaders. 
     Officer nominations were held.  Pres., Treas., State Rep., and VP are unopposed. 3 are thinking about Sec and 2 possible for S.A.A. Final Nomination and election by ballot if necessary will be during the Dec Mtg.

IMPAC: Split pot won by Larry N. with $19 going toward our running “pledged” total of $237. With the May Poker Run donation we already made our IMPAC total is $429 so far this yr.
 We also contributed to our Legislative Officers’ trip to “Best of the West” this yr making it the 2nd MRF event our local chapter helped support in 2012. Thanks ABERDEEN.

Adjournment: 7:32 by president.

NEXT MTG and  X-MAS PARTY: 7pm Eagles Dec. 1st. 
      FREE Food and “White Elephant (Gag) Gifts” with Music by “VITAL SIGNZ” at 9:00 Pm 

Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
and visit our web-page to learn more about us at >>>

                   Please check your ABATE card, or address labels on your Freedom Flyers for your renewal date.

Aberdeen ABATE Inc. Mtg

Eagles Club
October 6 , 2012

Call to Order:

7:00 pm by President

Present Members: Shane B., Larry N., Craig K, Jan W., Jim W., Tuna, Stitch, Renee R, Chuck B, Ron W, Heather K., Frank B, Bonnie N., Don H., Ann H., Todd B., Mark S., and Mike B..

Secretary's Report
: Craig read September minutes. Jim W. motion to accept and Stitch. 2nd.

Treasurer's Report: Larry read September Treasurer's report. Heather motion to accept and Chuck B 2nd.

State News: By Jim W. - For the 35th anniversary of Abate of SD the state will be designing T-Shirts to sell. The design will be decided upon at the November BOD meeting. If you would be interested in submitting a design please send to Jim before the November meeting. ABATE of S.D. also has mouse pads and flashlights for sale at $5.00 and $7.00 respectively.
 ABATE of S.D. is seeking clarification of Vertical license plate legislation this term and may contact surrounding States to discuss future legislation concerning  handlebars laws to see if we can work jointly towards a fair resolution to that issue.
Dianna‘s contract has again been renewed for Lobbying.
 Billings Montana will host "Best of the West" the 3rd weekend in June 2013.
 There is currently no motorcycle awareness and training grant for 2013. There are a few state-wide poker run books still available for $10. Please contact Jim or Larry.

Old Business -
 Christmas Party
ideas were discussed. Mark motioned  we have it December 1st at the Eagles and have D’s Catering and Pizza Hut pizza’s. Don second. All were in favor. We'll have D’s Catering ( An Abate supporter) cater chicken with two sides and desert, plus have pizza from Pizza Hut. Shane will contact the Eagles manager about the entertainment and post an Event site online as well as on the Webpages.

New Business:

 Shane announced Aberdeen ABATE had a place in the Gypsy Day Parade this morning with 6 Bikes braving the cold and carrying N.S.U. Flags. We also had 13 Brave souls support our local chapter by riding almost 100 miles on our "End of Summer Poker Run" today ! Mark Schuett. won the best hand and donated his winnings to Aberdeen Abate. Mark also won the split pot and donated those winnings back to Aberdeen Abate. Thanks Mark for being such a great supporter!
 Shane reminded everyone that there is/was food available after the meeting and a FREE dance with Kasmir performing beginning at 9:00 pm.
 Approximately 90% of the 25-06 Raffle tickets were sold and a winner was drawn.
 Mike Dargatz of Aberdeen won the rifle. Larry called Mike to give him the good news and set up a time to transfer the rifle at Ricochet Firearms.
 Larry announced the raffle for Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls has been approved and all the tickets have been printed. Ricochet Firearms and Maverick Motorcycle Service coupons are on the back of the tickets as they sponsored the printing costs. Also we still have a few bike show T-shirts left that can be purchased for $5.
 The Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls were donated to Aberdeen Abate by Bonnie Nesby. They are 2 feet tall, have Biker attire, along with a second set of traditional clothing and come with a set of chairs just right for them. Tickets are 1 for $3, or 2 for $5.
 The Special Olympics has also asked us once again to Chaperone their annual awards banquet on November 3rd as we did last year. All agreed that we are honored to do so and we are hoping for at least 8 Volunteers. Also please note that this event occurs on our Regular Mtg date so out next mtg will be FRIDAY Nov 2nd instead.


: IMPAC Split pot was not won by Mark... but instead by Bonnie N. with $28 going toward our running total which now stands at $218.

Adjournment: 7:32 by president.

7pm at the Eagles Club FRIDAY November 2nd.. (Note change of next months meeting)

 November is also Nominations of Officers for Aberdeen ABATE so please try to attend !

Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.

Aberdeen ABATE Meeting
Eagles Club
April 7 , 2012

Call to Order: 7:10 pm by President
Present Members: Shane Brinkman., Larry N., Renee R., Bonnie N., Jan W., Jim W., Don “TUNA” L., Craig K., Don H, Anne H,  Joel V., Lisa D., Red., Heidi O., Dick L., Chuck B., Shane B., Todd B.  Thank You everyone.

Secretary's Report
: Craig read March's minutes. Jan W. motion to accept and Red 2nd.
Treasurer's Report: Larry read March’s Treasurer's report. Jan W. motion to accept and Red 2nd.

State News: Jim W. updated all on legislative actions.  Windshield tint law was repealed. It is now legal to run tinted windshields or wind deflectors in SD.  Committees are being made for handlebar height and vertical plate issues.   Aberdeen’s Shane Brinkman was among the 5 members volunteering for the committee.  Anyone running vertical plates or high handlebars are encouraged to contact Shane at 605-228-6283 or e-mail aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com. The statewide poker run was discussed.  Our Treasurer Larry has some of the booklets that can be purchased for this event. It is already larger than it was last year.  Brian Klock of SD will be inducted to the Hall of Fame at this years dinner.  The state has a table of 8 with 5 open spots.  If you would like to attend contact Jim at 605-225-5474.  Legislative Days 2013 is set for Jan 25th at this time but will possibly be changed to Jan 18th.  Jim will let us know when the final date is set.

Heartland Steam
: Larry and Bonnie N. attended.  Legislation discussed.  HR904 will stop motorcycle only checkpoints.  There is also no helmet law bill this year with more emphasis being placed on awareness.  Sen. Thune and Noem support Heartland Steam and the MRF.  There is also a red light bill that will allow a motorcycle to proceed thru a red light after waiting 120 seconds and it is clear of traffic.

Old Business: Shane passed out more flyers for members to post at businesses around the area for the 2012 Aberdeen ABATE / FM Crusader MC Bike Show and Dance.  Shane showed patch designs to everyone.  It was decided to place an Aberdeen SD bar patch under the state patch with a separate design for Aberdeen Abate.  Red made a motion to buy 100 of the bar patches and 100 of the circular Aberdeen Abate patches and for members to be given these at cost.  Chuck 2nd.  Shane brought Bike Show T-Shirts and turned over to Larry N.  It was decided in order to keep it simple, to sell them at the Abate table during the bike show and split proceeds with Crusaders after the show is over.  Insurance quotes for Pierpont were discussed.  Shane had two new quotes including one for Pierpont and one to cover all Aberdeen Abate events for the year.  Don H. made a motion to go with the Pierpont only quote and Red 2nd.  Shane and Larry will finalize the purchase. Larry informed all that the Abate trailer title and tag was paid for the year along with the Beer Truck. Jan W. is still collecting items for the silent auction to benefit Mariah Bloom at the Bike Show. She can be contacted at 605-225-5474 evenings and most weekends

New Business: Shane informed us that payments were made to Aberdeen Awards and KSDN radio for the Bike Show.  Payments to the Eagles and the Aberdeen American News will be made shortly.    A list of venders was read.  All were informed that there are spots still available.  Other venders were discussed and people will contact them.  Jan W made a motion to give 2 tickets for the Pierpont Wheel Inn to the silent auction.  Heidi 2nd, passed. Tom V. and Andy V. volunteered to take pictures at the Bike Show with a large Vinyl American Flag donated by Budweiser for the backdrop.

IMPAC: Split pot won by Todd B. with $20 going toward our running total which is $88 now.

Adjournment: 8:15 by president.

NEXT MTG : May 5th 7pm Eagles

By printing time our Bike Show will have already taken place and we would like to again thank all of our over 50 area Sponsors and everyone who actively helped raise funds or worked the show. It wouldn’t be possible without all of us coming together and pitching in our time. THANK YOU EVERYONE.
Event insurance has been purchased for the 32nd Wheel Inn since the last mtg.
Our attorney once again verified he stands by his findings and will attain yet another IRS letter concerning our EIN issues.
Food, Tattoo, and Leather/Sewing Vendors have already registered for the Wheel Inn July 20-22.
Aberdeen ABATE patches using our old ’80’s design, and Bars matching the State
Design and color have been ordered and will be sold to our members at actual costs.

And as always please check your renewal dates and thanks for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
Members please send us an e-mail if we don't have your current address and check our webpage or facebook for other updates.

Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
and visit our web-page to learn more about us at >>>

Aberdeen ABATE
February 4th, 2012
Eagles Meeting Room A

Call to Order: 7:00 pm by President

Present Members: Shane B., Larry N., Todd B., Renee R., Bonnie N., Robert S., Jan W., Jim W., Don L., Koko A., Craig K., Heather B.,Dana B, Don H, Anne H, Dick L, Jim K, Curtis W, Cathy W, Heidi O, Tom V, Rebecca H, Laura Arth, Dan W
 Sorry if we missed someone. It was a great turnout for a regular meeting. Thank You everyone.

Secretary's Report: Craig read January's minutes. Jan motion to accept and Heather 2nd.

Treasurer's Report: Larry read Treasurer's report. Jan motion to accept and Heather 2nd.

State News:
Shane, Jim, Jan, Renee, and Larry attended Legislative Days in Pierre this year. Shane was presented an award for all his hard work for Abate. His devotion has made many events such as Pierpont and our annual bike show possible. They also had a good meeting with Laura Snow.
 And they found the mailboxes ! But they are froze down at Larry's still. New Abate patches are on their way too.

Christmas Party News: Our Christmas party at the Eagles had a very good turnout. D's Catering brought Chicken dinners including desert. One of our attendees was State Legislative Officer Larry Nielson. He informed all present of the Bills in the legislature that are of interest to Abate, like the windshield issue and Veterans plates. He also discussed future bills like handlebar height and vertical plates that are of concern to us and possibly on our agenda in the near future. Please send us photo's and information so we can be prepared if we do pursue either handle bars or vertical plates. You may send pictures to aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com or directly to Larry Nielson.
Our 1st Impac split pot of 2012 was won by Rebecca H. to start our new year total at $20.

After the food and gift exchange Ultimate Ozzie played and we all had an awesome time!

Old Business: Shane informed everyone that the dunk tank has been returned and that the regional director of PEPSI sent us a $150 credit for the unopened returns from July. Our 1st edition of the 2012 Aberdeen ABATE / FM Crusader MC Bike Show and Dance Flyers and Registrations are done. We will be posting printable PDF versions on our webpages at aberdeenabate.blogspot.com/ soon or contact Shane, Craig, or Jim at 605-228-6283 / 605-290-4577 / 605-225-5474 or e-mail us at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com.

New Business: Aberdeen Chapter welcomes new members Anna Hartman, Laura Arth, Lisa Davis, Joel Vig, Dick Lausend, and Dana Breske.
Most of the  Pierpont Wheel Inn bands have been lined up with Blind Joe and a guest followed by
Vital Signz  both Friday and Saturday nights and Wicked Drive playing the Closing from 11-3am Saturday. We are waiting on 2 more quotes for another Friday night performance. Purple Hat Production company has also been confirmed. Larry started discussion on charging for RV's at Pierpont. Bradley it sounds may charge $20 this year and almost all other similar events do now charge for RV's Campers and Buses. Plus, with entertainment and all other costs rising it was mentioned it would be a way to keep our ticket prices the same as last year. A motion was eventually made by Heidi to charge $20 for RV's and Tom 2nd passed. There was also discussion on changing the larger awards at the Bike Show from the clocks like last year to encased poker sets with dice and an inscribed plaque. Eagles slightly different than last yr for 1st and 2nd places and black marbled picture plaques were suggested for this yrs awards along with adding a 4th larger award for Best Display. Passed.
 Jan W. is collecting items for the silent auction to benefit Mariah Bloom at the Bike Show. She can be contacted at 605-225-5474 evenings and most weekends We also had a discussion to purchase Aberdeen Abate T-shirts and patches. Shane will get some designs for next meeting. Having the State logo with Aberdeen ABATE in the design was mentioned and Shane will get approval from the State. It was also suggested that we contribute up to 10% of any shirt or patch sales that include the State Logo to the State general fund and / or IMPAC. Tabled until designs are approved. Heidi made a motion to move forward with design and purchase of both shirts and patches, Jan 2
A motion was made by Jim K. to bond our President and Treasurer, Red 2
nd.  Passed
Tuna sponsored a $60 1
st place trophy for the Bike Show in Memory of "Hosay and Crusher" and also informed us all of the annual Cackle Bros July 3rd Poker Run leaving 6 pm Melgard Park .

IMPAC: Split pot won by Bonnie N. with $25 going toward our running total which is $45 now.

Adjournment: 8:15 by president.

NOTES SINCE MTG: About 30% of the $ needed to have a Bike Show even bigger and better than last year is already in and much more has been pledged.
 Bike registrations as well as Vendors registration are already coming in. Keep up the good work and lets keep this growing Aberdeen !
 We've added 2 ABATE Business Sponsors in the Aberdeen Area this month as well as at least 8 individual memberships plus have another business from Ipswich that has showed interest in becoming more involved with us.
 The 32nd Aberdeen ABATE Pierpont Wheel Inn flyers should be out about the time of our next regular mtg Saturday March 3rd
 The State along with some of our officers are working together to resolve some I.D. issues.
 Shane along with many other past and present members are working on a Timeline and History of Aberdeen ABATE Inc.

 And as always please check your renewal dates and thanks for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
Members please send us an e-mail if we don't have your current address and check our webpage or facebook for other updates.

Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
and visit our web-page to learn more about us at >>>

                                                                      Aberdeen ABATE
                                                                           January 7 2012
                                                                    Eagles Meeting Room A
Call to Order: 7:15 pm by President

Present Members: Shane B., Larry N., Todd B., Renee R., Bonnie N., Robert S., Jan W., Jim W., Don L., Koko A., Craig K., Heather B., Jim K., Chuck B.

Secretary's Report: Shane read December Minutes. Jan motioned to accept/Craig 2nd. Shane passed secretary's briefcase and duties to Craig.

Treasurer's Report: New Treasurer Larry read Treasurer's report. Jim W. motioned to accept/Renee 2nd.
 Jan also informed us that our State affiliation dues and or annual MRF dues were paid prior to Larry taking over as Treasurer. She also informed us that our chapters total contribution to the "Angel Tree" which buys Christmas gifts for needy children in our community was $433.00 and also paid.

State News: Jim passed out maps of the western part of the State and assured us we will have a mailbox to put them in soon. He also reminded everyone of Legislative Days coming up soon and that very few motel rooms were still left.

Old Business: Shane informed everyone that the dunk tank will be returned Sunday Jan 8th. We discussed Shane continuing talks with an attorney for chapter issues such as drawing up Pierpont contract. Larry motioned money be approved for payment/ Jan 2nd. Larry announced that the "Bikers inside the Beltway" gun raffle tickets for the Ruger Stainless 22-250 w/synthetic stock were printed and the commission approved application. Tickets were dispersed among the members.
 Food for the (Christmas party 6 pm Jan 28th at the EAGLES) was re-visited. A local Abate supporter, D's Catering, would cater 2 pc chicken dinners with two sides and desert for 50 people for approximately the same money as Walmart Deli.. Jan motioned that we change and use D's Catering instead of Walmart/ Jim K 2
nd. Approved.
 Jim W., Jan W., and Shane will be attending Legislative Days in Pierre. Larry gave Shane a check for $50 for expenses.

New Business: Aberdeen Chapter welcomes new member Jim Knapp. Larry reimbursed Shane for paper, postage, and printer ink receipts. There was discussion to get in memory patches for Dewey Rans made. Jan motioned that we buy 25 / Heather 2nd. Shane announced first three sponsors of our April bike show were Reuers Auto, Brenner Electric, and Rholy's Bar. T-Shirts were also discussed. Several designed were passed around and one was agreed on by all. Jan motioned that we buy 12 of each size (6 Sizes) and split the cost with the Aberdeen FM Crusaders MC./ Larry 2nd. Shane to present to Crusaders. Plaques and trophies for the bike show were discussed. Jim W. motioned to get samples from our local vender for next months meeting/ Jan 2nd. There was a discussion about changing pop venders for Pierpont. Shane will check into various ideas discussed and present them next meeting. There were three local deaths recently that our chapter sent flowers for. Abate member Don Hartman's son Sean, Past Pres. Dewey Rans, and Abate member Mike Bender's father.
 Bike Show committee was chosen. Shane, Larry, Craig, and Todd so far have volunteered to live and breath 2012 Bike Show issues. Feel free to keep them busy or offer your help if they look like they may need it.

IMPAC: Split pot won by Don "Tuna Man" Larson, ( We think him and Koko have a system), with $18 going toward our running total to be presented Legislative Days. New total is $139. Larry gave Jim W. a check for this amount to take to Pierre. Running total to start over at next meeting.
 Our chapter contributions to IMPAC since April 1st 2011 is now $510

Adjournment: Motion by Larry at 8:50 pm. Jan 2nd

NOTES SINCE MTG: Our Dunk Tank has been returned. The regional director of PEPSI has stated we will be receiving a refund on the unopened returns from July.
 Our 1st edition of the 2012 Aberdeen ABATE / FM Crusader MC Bike Show and Dance Flyers and Registrations are done. We will be posting printable PDF versions on our webpages at aberdeenabate.blogspot.com/ soon or contact Shane, Craig, or Jim at 605-228-6283 / 605-290-4577 / 605-225-5474
or e-mail us at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com

                     And as always please check your renewal dates and thanks for supporting your local ABATE Chapter



Present members: Chuck B, Heather B, Frank B, Robert S, Jeremy K, Larry N, Renee R, Shane B, Don H, Jim W, Jan W, Don L, Koko A
Treasurers Report: Chuck gave report of accounts and assets. Accepted.
State News: Jim reminded everyone of Legislative Days in Pierre Jan. 19-21st at the Capital building and American Legion. Shane reminded everyone that our chapter pledged $50 expense money to any members attending if they give notice at a prior mtg. Jim , Jan, Shane and Chuck plan to attend so far.

Old Business:  Read and accepted Nov. minutes
 Shane relayed thank you’s from  S.D. Special Olympics for Chaperoning the Nov 12th Dinner and Dance and also from Northern State University for carrying the Flags at all the home games during opening ceremonies.
 Discussed Dunk Tank and how to have it returned .
 Discussed old Facebook account and who created it so it can possibly be taken down to ease confusion.

New Business:
 X-Mas Party: Jan motioned and Chuck 2nd we go with 200 pcs. chicken and potatoes from Wal-mart deli  and 10 pizza’s from Pizza Hut. Members are asked to inform us at Jan 7th who intends to bring salads, beans, chips, etc.
 Also, Jan reminded everyone to please bring 1 “White Elephant” gag gift to pass as in yrs. Past.

Donations to the “Angel Tree” for gifts for area children was discussed. Jan motion, Jeremy 2nd we donate $400 same as last yr. Approved.

Talked about choosing a rifle for the 200 ticket raffle to defer expenses for the “Bikers Inside the Beltway” trip in May.
 Larry N. brought up some recommendations and a “Ruger Stainless 22-250 with a Synthetic stock” was chosen. Robert “Red” S. motioned, Chuck 2nd. Approved. Shane will submit application to the commission and work on getting tickets designed and printed.

Don H. recommended we have Officer elections while everyone is in attendance.
Election Results:
 Pres: Shane Brinkman  V.P.: Chuck Blumhardt  Treasurer: Larry Nesby  Secretary: Craig Kirby  Sgt at Arms: Todd Bistodeau  Membership Secretary: Chuck Blumhardt
 State Rep: Jim Wiesmantel

More New business: Welcomed 2 new members Don “Tuna” Larson and Koko Aadland.
 Approved the new “Vital Signz” band as the entertainment for Sat. at our April 21-22 Bike Show and Dance at the Eagles Club. Shane will confirm Eagles books them.
Also accepted the bid of $1,200 from “Vital Signz” to open both Fri and Sat nights for Aberdeen ABATE’s 32nd annual Pierpont Wheel Inn Run.
Koko suggested we hold the Silent auction at the Bike Show in memory of Dewey Rans and give the proceeds to his daughter Mariah. Unanimously approved. This was Dewey's wishes that anything we do not be for him, but for his daughter.
 Jan reminded us of our annual state membership dues to be paid in Jan. along with our annual M.R.F. dues. Larry will pay these at our Jan. 7th mtg.
 Shane informed us he was meeting with an attorney Fri. the 9th and would ask about some Chapter issues such as drawing up a contract with Pierpont if everyone was in agreement. 1st mtg at no cost to our chapter. Jan also volunteered to attend. Approved.
  Attending another Township mtg in Pierpont was discussed  and Shane will talk to Audrey about the date.
 Moving our bank accounts to Great Plains Bank was discussed as they will pay interest on Non-Profit business accounts with any balance of over $500.00 with no penalty for lower balances. Jim motioned we do this sometime next week after transfer of records to our new Treasurer. Heather 2nd. Approved

IMPAC: Split pot was won by Koko with $14 going towards our running total to be presented during Legislative Days . New total is $121.00
             Mtg adjourn 9:15

Next mtg: Jan 7th. 1st Sat. of the month every month.

Note: Bike show Flyers and registration forms are now done so please have any vendors contact us asap to reserve a spot as it looks like we will run out of spaces this year.

 Please remember to check your address labels or your ABATE cards for your renewal dates

                              Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.
                     and visit our web-page to learn more about us at >>> http://aberdeenabate.blogspot.com/


Nov 2011 mtg

Location: Eagles Club mtg room A 7:20 pm
Present members: Barry K., Renee R., Jim W., Jan W., Craig K., Heather B., Todd B., Robert S., Larry N., Shane B.   
Guests: Jeremy K.

Treas. Report: No report as Chuck is absent. 
State News: None at this time.

Old Business: Read and accepted Oct. minutes 
Discussed briefly the association with city of Pierpont and obtaining a contract before proceeding with 2012 improvements.
Shane reported “Mad Hat Productions” agreed to terms for providing services at the 32nd Wheel Inn next yr. as did the band “Wicked Drive“. We are still waiting on quotes for up to 5 other bands.

New Business: Shane informed the club of Dewey Ranz’s health condition and the fact that his 2006 Roadking is now up for Sale. Shane motioned to have his bike listed in the Freedom Flyer classifieds. Red 2nd.
It was also suggested Aberdeen ABATE meet with Dewey about doing a benefit if he is in agreement .
Sec note: “At the time of writing this article Dewey asked that nothing be done, if there are any changes I will contact everyone asap. The bike is an ’06 Injected Road-king with a Mikuni Intake and true dual exhaust, I believe 16” Apes, 2 seats and has 20,000 miles. $9,000 takes it and whoever buys it will also be buying a big piece of Aberdeen Abate history. 605-290-3616 is the contact number for the bike”.

More new Business: Jim motioned and Jan 2nd that we hold another 200 ticket gun raffle to defer expenses for the “Bikers in the Beltway” trip in May 2012 to Washington D.C. that Shane plans on making. Approved with up to $1,500 being pledged for expenses. Larry Nesby will bring information to the Dec. mtg and a gun will be selected with tickets going on sale sometime before Christmas pending city commission approval. Drawing to be held at Spring Bike Show Sun. April 22.
Discussed purchasing food for our Christmas Party Jan 28th from the Eagles if the kitchen is completed. Tabled pending discussion with Wayne K.
Discussed again having members purchase “White elephant” or “Gag” gifts to be exchanged at Christmas Party Jan 28th. Approved
Jan suggested Kessler’s catering as another option for food. Shane also suggested Wal-Mart Deli for Chicken, Pizza Hut pizzas, and Pot-Luck for salads chips and beans.  Someone suggested Shane not eat any beans.
Shane suggested we run a split-pots at the Christmas party to benefit IMPAC and possibly the MRF. He also reminded everyone to please bring their ABATE card to the dance as ABATE members will not be charged a cover charge to the “ULTIMATE OZZY” concert. A short meeting will start at 6:00pm covering Legislative Days in Pierre with our gift exchange and food for our members and guests before the concert.

Officers Nominations:  Pres- Shane Brinkman Vice Pres: Robert Sayer , Chuck Blumbhardt, Treasurer: Chuck Blumbhardt , Larry Nesby Sergeant at Arms: Todd Bistadeau Secretary : Craig Kirby State Rep: Jim Weismantel
Road Captain: Heather motioned and Jan 2nd Road Captain for Poker runs be appointed by Pres at regular mtg before event. Approved.
Note: Chuck accepted  officer nominations prior to mtg.
Election by ballot at next regular mtg. Dec 3rd  Eagles room A.

Motion to Adjourn by Jan, 9:05 pm. Craig 2nd

     NOTES: Members and guests may RSVP through our FACEBOOK or our E-mail at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com
 for the Jan 28th Christmas Party to give us an estimate of how much food to purchase.
Also we would like to relay a Thank-You to all our ABATE members, the FM Crusader members, Clark County Riders members, plus anyone else who participated in all the NSU home football games. The team and the crowds loved the bikes carrying the flags. Rumor is they missed us, ( and complained to the coach ), on the 1 occasion we were not asked.
AND… a very special Thank-You to everyone that Volunteered at the State Special Olympics Dance Nov 12th.
All the kids seemed to have a blast as did their Coaches. I swear I seen 2 Elvis’s there this year too.

Please remember to check the date code on your FREEDOM FLYER or check your ABATE cards for your renewals dates.
Mtg called to order at 7:45 Eagles Club Rm A
Present members: Mike B, Shane Brinkman, Shane Blumbhardt, Lucy S, Heather B, Craig K, Heidi O, Renee R, Larry N, Chuck B, Tom V, Jim W, Jan W.
Old business: Read and accepted Sept minutes.
Collected all money and ticket stubs for shotgun raffle.
State News: Shane read Jim’s notes from the last B.O.D. Mtg in Pierre.
State membership is at 1382 members. 47 for Aberdeen plus at least 3 more not on the state’s list yet.
We gained 85 members from Algona sign-ups. 104 people attended Whitewood this year; 6 from Aberdeen.
John Steele from Yankton took over as the new MRF Rep.
New E-mail for the FREEDOM FLYER is sdfreedomflyer@gmail.com
The B.O.D. agreed to retain Dianna as our Lobbyist for another term. The windshield height and tint issues for motorcycles, as well as defining the difference between a wind deflector and a windshield are issues we intend to address this session and possibly the Vertical license plates again. Larry Nielson asked for photo’s of different windshields so we have a variety to possibly show the legislators and compare the differences. And as always we intend to keep tabs on any helmet legislation or anything else that may effect our safety and/or freedom’s.
Jim turned in our $275.00 IMPAC money and informed the board of our monthly split pot to be turned in during Legislative Days.
Informed us that several State Officers met with Laura Snow and all seemed very positive that we will be able to work with her to achieve our goals.
New Business: Discussed having local Officers not in good standing with ABATE dues.
Was mentioned according to By-Laws new members have a 6 month membership period before they are eligible for Officer positions. Jan motioned and Shane 2nd Senior officer at any Event or Mtg assume duties of vacant office until filled. Approved
Chaperoning the Special Olympics dance was discussed. An absolute date has not been obtained yet but it is usually the 2nd weekend in Nov.
Ellwein Bro’s and Budweiser returned a reply and stated they no longer own a Corporate Motorcycle so the Bike Show will be tentatively set for April 14 and 15 , 2012.
Mike Bender, who many of you may have read about in the Newspaper being forced to not drive his 49cc scooter because he didn’t have a valid drivers license was in attendance. He showed us all a new shiny drivers license and asked to be part of a NSU football game opening if we do it again this season.
Mike also drew the winning ticket for the shotgun raffle. John Artz of Aberdeen was the lucky winner.
Shane was reimbursed postage costs for newsletters and again asked that members please send something to our e-mail at aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com . Of 50 members only 19 are receiving newsletters by e-mail instead of USPS. Our monthly mtg minutes are also on our website at Aberdeenabate.blogspot.com/ under the page “Monthly News” and we now have an Aberdeen ABATE Face-book account that will also have some current news posted. When logged into Facebook search “Aberdeen abate” and make sure you are on the newest page since there are a couple old pages we do not maintain. Ours has BIKE SHOW pictures posted as well as NSU videos and hopefully current news.
All of these will be able to be accessed from our website.
Shane motioned and Tom 2nd we pledge $50 to any Aberdeen members attending Legislative days in Pierre Jan 19-21
Approved pending notice given at a monthly Mtg prior to attendance.
New Business Cont: Jan motioned and Tom 2nd we pursue signing a contract with the Production Co. from Fargo that did Sound and Lights Sat night in Pierpont this yr. $1,800 for up to 3 bands a night for 2 nights or 6 bands total from 8pm - 3am was the verbal quote given. Shane has contact info and will see if offer is still on the table.
Sec. Shane asked for some sort of computer back-up for his laptop since almost all the Vendor and Sponsor contact info as well as monthly minutes, pictures, and Band contacts are on just 1 computer and various scattered notebooks.
Jan donated a 2gb flash-drive as a backup.
Sec. Shane motioned we officially accept our verbal agreement to again have an April Bike Show in conjunction with the Aberdeen FM Crusaders MC. Jan 2nd. Short discussion: voted and approved pending their acceptance of terms.
Shane Blumbhardt offered to haul the dunk tank if needed since it appears to still be in Bristol, provided someone there has a loader to put it on a trailer.
There was short discussion about committees and it was decided to select them after Dec. elections.
Sec. Shane volunteered for both Bike Show and Pierpont Wheel Inn and offered to again be “Event Organizer” for Bike show since many contacts and dates need to be made and set prior to Dec 1st in order to be on Calendars and Schedules for 2012.
It was decided to have “Special” Aberdeen ABATE Mtg’s both 1 and 2 weeks prior to both the Bike show and the Wheel Inn again in 2012
Sec. Shane and Chuck announced they will meet with Pierpont in the next upcoming few weeks to discuss proposed improvements for next yr and some other concerns.
It was decided to follow our By-Laws a little more closely and in doing so all ABERDEEN ABATE Regular Monthly Mtg’s will be the 1st Saturday of the month at 7:00pm at the EAGLES CLUB unless otherwise announced with 7 days notice.
Chuck B. won the IMPAC split-pot for $13.00
Our running total is now $88.00 pledged on top of the $275 and $96 already donated from our May Poker Run and April Bike Show.
NEXT MEETING: November 5th 7:00 pm Eagles Room (A)
CHRISTMAS PARTY: It was voted to have our X-Mas party at the EAGLES CLUB on Sat Jan 28th with food provided by ABATE following a short meeting. Entertainment will be “ULTIMATE OZZY” provided free to ABATE members; so please bring your ID cards as the general public will be charged admission.
Mtg will start at 6:00 pm with food at 7:30pm and music about 9. This will be the weekend after Legislative days so we hope many B.O.D. members and other members from around the State will also be in attendance.
"Membership Renewals" Everyone, (regardless of chapter), please check the date code on your FREEDOM FLYER address labels for the renewal month and year your membership expires. This "Expiration date" is also on your ABATE card. Renewal/application forms can be used from your FREEDOM FLYER.or printed from the link at our Aberdeen, or the State website. Check the appropriate box of the Chapter you wish to join and mail to the address listed on the form.
For Aberdeen that would be "Aberdeen ABATE 124 S. 4th st 57401"
                                SEPT 11 2011 ABERDEEN ABATE MTG
Mtg brought to order 7:30 pm Meeting Rm A at the Eagles Club
Present members: Chuck B (Treas), Shane Brinkman (Sec), Jim W (State Rep), Jan W, Shane Blumbhardt, Jeremy K (Pres), Jamie S, Heidi O, Tom V, Todd B, Dan W, Marshall R, Craig K, Heather B, Lucie S, Barry K, Larry N
There were no July minutes as we had 3 informal meetings at Pierpont Lake in preparation for the Wheel Inn.
STATE NEWS: Jim advised us about the State of S.D. hiring Laura Snow as a Motorcycle Safety Coordinator. She will join the office of Highway Safety at 118 West Capital Ave Pierre, S.D. 57501. Ph: 605-773-4949 Fax: 605-773-6893 attn Laura Snow.
There was discussion following this announcement about again trying to obtain permission to have another Safety Course Trainer in the Aberdeen area that will actively correspond and work with our ABATE chapter.
  3 people in attendance would like to take a course and our chapter already has pledged monies for advertising and course fees but they have not yet been able to participate in a course.  Jim and Jan were then asked to bring this issue up at the B.O.D. meeting in Pierre the following weekend and speak with Laura Snow if she is available.
OLD BUSINESS: Treasurer reported all bills from Pierpont Wheel Inn are pd and even with the hot rainy weather and improvements we did show a small profit again this yr.
PIERPONT WHEEL INN : Voted to re-imburse  partial gas expenses to Shane and Bob Kaiser for use of loaders and pulling trailers etc. in the amounts of $145 and $100.
Discussed not allowing anything but motorcycles past the orange fence at the lake unless they are Vendors or our working Members. Tabled  this issue.
Discussed and voted to require picture ID’s at gate during Pierpont Wheel Inn next yr for everyone, and also printing this on Flyers rather than the “must be 21” . Approved.
Discussed hiring the Sound and Lighting Production Company for next yr that provided services for “The Final Drive” at the Wheel Inn. They charged “The Final Drive” $600 for their performance this yr and offered us up to 6 bands for 2 nights running 7pm to 3am for $1,800 total. Shane stated most of that cost could be recovered since the bands would in turn not need as much equipment and be cheaper to book. Tabled this issue.
Sunday Clean-up was discussed and Chuck and Shane will talk to Audrey about hiring the Softball team or 4H club to help next Yr.
Lucie S. asked why some people entered free without being on list of Vendors or Band members. ID’s were also in question. Marshall also asked about some people on Sat.
Tabled pending further investigation.
Tom “Country” V. motioned that everyone pay for tickets next yr at all events and a Committee decide after events who gets re-imbursed.
  Jan W. asked to amend motion so “nobody” gets re-imbursed since we are all members of a non-profit organization and already receive a discount. Craig 2nd and unanimously approved.
Shane brought up having a Gun Raffle to raise General Funds monies and made a motion, which was 2nd by Larry Nesby to raffle a 3 ½ Remington shotgun pursuant to City approval. Voted and approved raffling 100 $10 tickets.
Welcomed new member Heidi Olson to our chapter
Discussed having up to 4 motorcycles again carry the flags onto the football field for NSU Sept 24th and also possibly having some people in the Gypsy Days Parade. Shane and Jan have contact information.
Craig Kirby announced he would be willing to travel to Rapid City for Instructor Training if it would be available this upcoming yr.
Shane motioned that Aberdeen ABATE property not be loaned or rented to anyone without a majority vote at a regular monthly Mtg. or a unanimous Officers vote. Jan W. 2nd  Motion passed.
Jeremy recommended we set up Committees at Oct 8th Mtg
Shane apologized for some newer members not being contacted about monthly Mtg’s and reminded everyone to check our website for dates if they do not receive a Flyer or newsletter.
Shane also reminded everyone of November Officer nominations and December voting.
Shane also announced he contacted Budweiser and applied to have (1) of the O.C.C. Bud Bikes at our April Bike Show next spring.
Jan won our IMPAC split-pot for $25 ….  We now have $75 in reserve for IMPAC.
Adjourned at 10:15 pm

Sec. note :
    We would like to thank everyone who helped with our events this summer and also welcome all our new members. The information wont be in until later this month but I believe we have almost tripled our chapters membership since mid 2010. Although there have been some “growing pains” I believe we are going in the right direction.
And as always : Please send us your e-mails to aberdeenabate2011@gmail.com so we can save on postage and
                                    also view our web pages at http://aberdeenabate.blogspot.com

Thank you for supporting your local ABATE chapter.


June 4th Aberdeen ABATE MTG

Present : Loren, Chuck, Marshal, Shane, Jim, Jeremy

Old Business : Informed Jim and Jeremy of $275 raised for the ABATE General Fund and / or IMPAC from our May 21st Poker Run , and $68 raised for Make-A-Wish to be donated July 23rd

State News : Jim updated us on the latest news which cannot all fit in this article but the 2 most eye opening things are,
 1) The NHTSA presented a 2012 budget request that included $7 million dollars specifically for the promotion of DOT compliant helmet use.
 2) So far the state has only been awarded $20,000 this yr in the form of a Training , Awareness ,  and Education grant. Clarification is still being sought regarding the remaining amount of money awarded in the form of the grant.
 Please visit the state ABATE website for more up to date news.

31st Pierpont Wheel Inn Run  JULY 15-17: There was much discussion on this and the highlights are Aberdeen ABATE approved upgrades in electrical service at the Lake as well as graveling the shortcut through the trees , and new outdoor carpeting for the stage.
 We decided our next 3 Mtg’s June 18 , July 2nd, and July 9 , will be at the lake and we will meet between 10 and 11 am at the Eagles ; or for those of you that know the way please be at the lake no later than noon.
 Road grading , ground spraying , garbage ,  and initial mowing have been lined up. Aerial spraying still needs to be confirmed as well as portable toilets. 
3 Vendors have confirmed and many more should be confirming in the next week or two.

Winner Take all Poker Run : There was a  short discussion on a $20 per hand Poker Run . Sometime in Sept was decided on and heading into N.D. was discussed.

Advanced Ticket Sales :  Maverick Motorcycle Works , Mr Bill’s , any Aberdeen ABATE officer , through our website , and possibly the Hot Spot in Britton should all be ways to get your tickets.  Tickets are $35 with $10 off to any verified ABATE members or $40 at the gate.

NEXT MTG DATES : June 18 , July 2nd , and July 9th. All will leave Eagles @ 11 am and meet at the lake for clean-up and upgrades.

P.S. Summer is here and going to be way too short so please help out with our events if you can so we all can get as much riding in as possible before snow flies again.  And as always       >>>         
                   Please e-mail us through our website so we can send newsletters and information electronically.



              April 2nd 2011 ABATE Mtg

Present : Todd , Dan , Jamie , Jim , Mike , Chuck , Jeremy , Red , Marshall , Loren , Shane

Mtg called to order at 7:15 pm , Eagles Club

STATE NEWS : Jim W. asked that we all contact Kristi Noem and ask her to support H.R. 412 which would lift ATV’s and smaller motorcycles from the children’s lead ban as children old enough to ride surely wouldn‘t be ingesting parts of their mini bikes etc.
 And also ask Kristi to co-sponsor and support H.R. 904 prohibiting the Sec. of Transportation from providing grants or any State funds to States or local Governments to be used for motorcycle only checkpoints. (MOC) This is discrimination and has been happening people !

Contact Kristi Noem at:
226 Cannon HOB
Washington D.C. 20515
PH: 202-225-2801

2310 West 41st St., Suite 101
Sioux Falls, S.D. 57105
PH: 605-275-2868

343 Quincy St.
Rapid City, S.D. 57701
PH: 605-791-4673

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING : Many people are still complaining in the Aberdeen area that they can’t get into a motorcycle training course. Bruce Henderson’s name was mentioned as the Area instructor yet nobody knew his contact information.
It was mentioned why if our “ABATE lobbied for” funds are being used to support these courses our instructor isn’t an ABATE member and we are not kept informed when or if the training is taking place ?
 Jeremy and Jamie again tried to attend Instructor Training in S.F. and were “overlooked”
 Shane suggested we talk to “Deadwood” Larry Nielson about these issues next weekend at the Bike Show.

SPLIT POT for IMPAC : Marshall won. $9.00 raised. $19.00 running total last 2 months.

BIKE SHOW : Jim motioned , Chuck 2nd blind school kids and ATC with Host attend FREE ? Passed.
Shane reminded everyone cleaning rooms and set-up begins Thurs evening with Vendors and Bikes arriving Friday afternoon.

PIERPONT : Was discussed and voted on to get Tax ID # or SSN # of any persons or Bands being paid over $600.00
 Also, we want a signed contract.
 Shane was asked to contact Budweiser about some white T-Shirts for the “Talent” shows.
 Jeremy and Shane offered to attend Pierpont’s next township mtg to discuss a possible 5 yr contract and also showers , breakfast, and gas station hrs. It is believed to be the 3rd Monday of the month.
 Agreed to run Pierpont “Wheel Inn” flyers in June and July Freedom Flyers.
 Agreed to give 2 Wheel Inn advanced tickets as door prizes at Bike Show and also 2 to C.F.F. silent auction.

NEXT MEETING : Sunday MAY 1st, 5:00 pm Eagles club 316 S. 2nd St. Aberdeen S.D.

Mtg adjourned 9:45 pm

                                                             BIKE SHOW NEWS

BIKE SHOW :  We had 52 bikes total at the Eagles Club April 9th and 10th with 39 competing in 15 different classes.
 Our Vendor spaces were almost all spoken for, and even though the numbers aren’t yet all tallied we feel comfortable the Eagles had possibly their biggest night ever Saturday .
 We raised $100.00 for the MRF and another $96.00 for IMPAC as well as $649.00 for the Regional Cystic Fibrosis Foundation .
 Jeremy and Shane joined the MRF.
 We renewed some former ABATE memberships as well as adding a couple new members.
  All in all, we feel it was a huge success especially after not being able to have one last year .
  Thank You to all the members from both clubs who helped make the 2011 Bike Show one of the best show’s ever for Aberdeen !
 And also, Thank You to all that attended.

REMINDER : For those of you not able to attend the State Bike Awareness Poker Run May 21st there will also be one leaving the Eagles club in Aberdeen at 12:00 noon with 50% to benefit the S.D. ABATE general fund and also IMPAC , same as last year. Food and dance to follow at the Eagles with “Blind Joe” performing.

                                                                            As always please provide us with your e-mail’s to help with postage.


   Aberdeen ABATE March 5th Mtg

Mtg brought to order at 6:45 pm Eagles room A

Present members: Lucy S, Shane B “Insane“, Chuck B, Chris K, Andy V “Turtle”, Tom V “Country”, James C, Dan W, Jim W, Loren S, Marshall R. New members highlighted.

Read and approved Feb 14 minutes
Approved ordering 100 embroidered “WHEEL INN” 3” round patches to be done in time for April 9 bike show.

JREINKE Ent. was not present so the GROUND ZERO bid was accepted pending Chuck’s liking them at bike show. I informed him they had the lowest 2 night bid. He liked them immediately. We are still accepting bids for up to 2 more bands.
 Asked Shane to contact “Pasque” from Sioux Falls
Read over statements for Trophy sponsor, Vendor, and Bike entry accounts from credit union.
We are only a few hundred dollars away from having our show pd for before it begins. WAY TO GO ABERDEEN! But please don’t quit now.

Accepted an original Schwinn O.C.C. Chopper Bicycle from Cy Kaiser and “Sally ?”  to be given away during Awards at bike show. Free tickets to all children 12 and under accompanied by an adult from 10am to 10pmSat. And 10am until 1pm Sunday.

Set Sat march 12th at 11:30 am as start time for storage room clean-up and test PA system at Eagles.  Please help if you can.

Confirmed all ABATE and FM Crusader MC members that actively participate in show via set-up, Admissions, and/or clean-up to receive (1) wrist band. Vendors receive (2) wrist bands. All others must be stamped and pay $5.00
Approved pledging 50% of MAY 21st  Bike Awareness Month poker run to S.D. ABATE .
SPLIT POT for IMPAC raised $10
APRIL 2nd Eagles Club Room A
Adjourned at 9:45 shortly after reading “A Bikers Fairy-tale” presented by Chuck.  I’ll post it on our website for your reading pleasure at http://AberdeenABATE.blogspot.com/      Just Google Aberdeen abate if you have trouble finding it.

                      AND AS ALWAYS PLEASE SEND US an E-MAIL so we can eliminate postage costs.

    FEB 14 (rescheduled ) Monthly MTG

Mtg was brought to order at 6:45 pm.

Present Members: Jim W, Jeremy K, Chris K, Shane B, Tom V, Todd B, Brian K, Wendy K, Lucy S

Approved minutes from Jan 22 Mtg  

STATE NEWS: None to report at present time

BIKE SHOW : Approved paying Shane $99.25 for Ink used in printing Flyers and postage related to bike show and monthly newsletters. 
Discussed Radio ads and voted to apply majority of 100, 30 second ads to 94.1 and 103.7 
Approved paying Aberdeen Awards $750.00 via bank draft from "Sponsor" account at Credit Union as a down payment for trophies and plaques.
Approved giving 2 wrist bands to Vendors per spot rented.
Approved giving all "ABATE" and "FM Crusaders MC" members wrist bands that ACTIVELY work during set-up & tear down , or during the show. 
Asked Shane to contact "ALLEY SHOP" about making 2011 Bike Show shirts on site. (Done) Rick will be at Event and agreed to do shirts on site providing he is SOLE Vendor of approved 2011 design.
Discussed running about 4 different split-pot raffles to benefit SD ABATE, MRF, CFF, and 1 other to be decided. 

WHEEL INN :  Discussed bands, Final Drive declined.
 Ground Zero Quote approved pending J Reinke's next proposal at March 5th Mtg. 
 Discussed making 3" round "WHEEL INN" embroidered patches  to be on sale by bike show if designed and approved in time. (Done) pending Vote at March 5th Mtg

MOTORCYCLE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING : Approved "Pledging" $300.00 to Jeremy for expenses involved in attending training to be paid upon graduating.  (per) Chuck B. 

NEW MEMBERS : Tom V. Brian K, Wendy K, also Marshall R.and Don H. not present. Please give these new members a Thank You when you see them. And welcome back Don.

NEXT MTG : March 5th 6:30 pm EAGLES

Mtg adjourned 9:15 pm

As always please e-mail us so we can send newsletters and updates Electronically and save on the ever increasing postage.