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Our organization was created to act as a legislative watchdog on the Federal,State, and Local levels. We intend to warn our members as well as the entire motorcycle riding community of any adverse legislation.
We aim to improve road conditions, thus making riding safer and preventing accidents. We also aim to act as a liason between Motorcyclists and Government authorities, Police Departments,Insurance Companies, or any Agency appearing biased to the motorcycling community.
We promote Motorcycle training and Education and hope to improve the overall image of the entire motorcycling community.

Monday, October 17, 2011


 April 29 2013>>> Dewey's daughter Mariah whom was the recipient of our 2012 Silent auction has been named to the Deans list at U.S.D. in Brookings. Dewey asked anything plp wanted to do for him we instead do to help Mariah. I believe he'd be proud of her and everyone who has helped. She will be in Aberdeen this week and has an Internship for the summer. AWESOME work Mariah !
Update on May 5, 2012 Mtg: >>> Mariah was presented an Envelope as per Dewey's last wishes..... We're gearing up for the 32nd Pierpont Wheel Inn..... Da Prez was presented the proceeds of the "Bikers Inside the Beltway" Rifle Raffle for his 10 day Excursion to Wash. D.C. for the 4th MRF Legislative Days ..... PLUS we signed up 8 new Members..... AWESOME JOB EVERYONE !
658 people came through the gates at the Bike Show this weekend.... 49 Bikes were in the competition for Trophies......Just over $2,000 was raised for Dewey Rans' daughter Mariah.... and once again it was standing room only at the dance and 5 bartenders couldn't keep up ..... THANK YOU EVERYONE!
We'll see ya May 19 for the next Poker Run and Dance.... 11:00 am Eagles club , Food about 7:30 and Dance at 9:00

PIERPONT WHEEL INN IS 3RD WEEKEND IN JULY ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS,...... Some people still seem confused. 
 Maybe they are already practicing trying to drink 50 Kegs of Beer?
For the 32nd Wheel Inn info click BELOW

2012 WHEEL INN FLYERS >>. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sHiLSuP8yutSti_ql6U_4t-LH3YfvRUbk8pSMdPwzHg/edit
 Advanced tickets have already started selling.

 Come help us make this the Biggest Wheel Inn yet whether your practicing for Sturgis or already know this is just as much fun and Waaay cheaper!!

Don't miss out this yr ! We are expecting record attendance !
$35.00 Advanced tickets BEFORE JULY 1st.
$10.00 discount to anyone showing their ABATE card regardless of chapter or State.
Anyone may register for their $25.00 annual membership to ABATE at the gate and receive a $10.00 discount immediately.
$40.00 Admission for Friday through Sunday. Includes all SHOWS , FREE BEER & POP
MUST BE 21 YRS OF AGE or older

Contact an ABATE of Aberdeen member or the e-mail on the contacts page of this site for your advance tickets. 

Tickets at  MAVERICK MOTORCYCLE WORKS in Aberdeen, Hot Spot in Bristol, or from any Aberdeen ABATE Officer as well as e-mailing us through this site.